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iPhone 4 from T-Mobile Coming Soon?

Posted on 11 June 2010 by Brian

Apple will launch iPhone 4 in U.S. very soon. First, it was rumored to come out from Verizon and later it was changed to Sprint. The latest rumor on the iPhone 4 is that it would arrive at T Mobile. The iPhone 4 is now said to be shaking hands with T-Mobile in the United States.

Shaw Wu, analyst, said that the iPhone 4 would reach United States some time with T Mobile, and it would land on other networks in the fall.

‘Interestingly, both the new iPhone  4 and iPhone 3GS support 3G at the 2100 MHz frequency and, from our understanding, the technical hurdle to support T-Mobile is minor compared to supporting CDMA technology at VZ and Sprint,’ said Shaw Wu.

The reason behind Saw Wu saying that the iPhone 4 would come out with T Mobile could be that the T Mobile network will be able to scroll out more number of iPhone 4 than the other network providers.

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iPhone 4G: iPhone 4G Rumored with June 18th Launch

Posted on 06 June 2010 by Brian

iPhone 4G Rumored with June 18th Launch: Another rumor has spread that the iPhone 4G is planned for a release date set as June 18th as it was earlier decided as June 25th, which was then said to be not so effective with the sales for the iPhone 4G. The rumor is that the iPhone 4G is set for an early release of June 18th.

According to Boy Genius Report, the AT&T store get into a high demand for the gadgets in the month of June and would make the iPhone 4G sales in a good number with the stores into higher demand in the month of June.

If the rumor becomes true then folks gear up for the early release of the iPhone 4G as it would become yours with the release date coming closer. Stay tuned for more interesting updates.

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Apple iPhone 4G performs well: iPhone 4G beats Verizon Nexus One

Posted on 08 March 2010 by Barbara

Apple iPhone 4GApple iPhone 4G performs well – We are now familiar with all sort of iPhones and generations involved with that. Last year, we came across this “Apple iPhone 4G”  and rumors on this product.

According to recent analysis, it has been concluded that the touchscreen within the Apple iPhone performed best among other products.

Under the supervision by MOTO labs, tests were performed by robots in Apple laboratory with the usage of SimpleDraw application.

Tests were performed for many handsets, includes Motorola DROID, Palm Pre, HTC Droid Eris, BlackBerry Storm2 and Google Nexus One. But, iPhone performed best while Nexus One soon to land on Verizon stood in second.

Due to significant waviness and stair-stepping, DRIOD has been concluded as worst touch screen. Either way, it is good news for all users of potential iPhone 4G.

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