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E-book And Downloadable Audio Books Sales Report for 2011 From AAP

Posted on 21 March 2011 by Ronald

E-books and downloadable audio books carry on growing in popularity day by day. E-book 2011 sales have better than doubled year-to-year. According to the January 2011 sales report from the Association of American Publishers, the first month of the January illustrates that E-book net sale increased by 115.percent than the sales report of January 2010. Last year sales report was $32.4 Million and this has been increased to $69.9 million in revenue against a year ago.

The sales of Downloadable Audio Books have increased by 8.8 percent than the previous year sales, which is from $6.0 million to $6.5 million. The report even stated that full 2010 analysis, E-book sales have increased yearly and considerably in all 9 years of tracking the category.

Books on CD or tape were also down slightly, as were textbooks and academic books. Only religious books grew by 5.6 percent, from $49.8 million to $52.6million.

While, Adult Hardcover category reduced from $55.4million to $49.1 million, Adult Paperback dived from $104.2 million to $83.6 million and Adult Mass Market turn down from $56.4 million to $39.0 million.

In the Children’s or Young Adult category, the Hardcover sales for 2011 January was $31.2 million and where as in 2010 the sales report was $31.8 million. While, Paperbacks were down by 17.7 percent, in 2010 the sales were $30.9 million and now it is $25.4 million.

Higher Education group, the sales have slight dropped by 1.4 percent, in 2010 the sales report was $387.6 million and where as in 2011 the report is $382.0 million. At the same time the University Press Hardcovers sales has also been decreased by 14 percent compared to last year’s  sales which were $4.5 million and this year it is $3.9 million and even the University Press Paperbacks have also tasted the decline taste from 6.7 million to 6.2 million; which is nearly 7.8 percent decrease.

However, in Professional and Scholarly Books the sales report has increased by 1.3 percent, in 2010 the sales report was $51.2 million and in 2011 the report stands at $51.8 million.

Finally, the majority of the increase is probable to arrive from conventional e-book readers like the Kindle or Barnes & Noble’s Nook.

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