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Verizon iPhone Release Date: Verizon iPhone on February 2011?

Posted on 10 January 2011 by Brian

Verizon iPhone Release Date: Verizon iPhone release date was revealed and it scheduled to be released on February 3, 2011. But, there is no official statement either from Apple or Verizon yet.

According to sources, Verizon iPhone will be launching at CES –Consumer Electronic Show on 11th of January, 2011. Apple is expecting to take its pre orders by the end of the January and will be available in the market from February 3, 2011. Recently, Apple has launches its new product Apple iPhone 3 in the market on Thursday.

Apple and Verizon will be releasing their iPhone in CDMA network starting this February. Few days ago, AT&T reduced its iPhone 3GS to $50 with two year contract and is also providing its services on monthly bases at $15. The iPhone 3GS smartphone will be exclusively through AT&T only in order to have space in the market to compete with Verizon iPhone.

There are many rumors speculating that Samsung played a major role in preparing Verizon iPhone. The hardware parts were supplied by Samsung. We all have to wait until February 3, 2011 as it would be available from that period of time.
Verizon iPhone Release Date

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Verizon iPhone: Verizon Offering Unlimited Data Plan to iPhone Users

Posted on 10 January 2011 by Barbara

Verizon iPhone: Verizon wireless network is planning to provide unlimited data plans for its Verizon iPhone users. Verizon is the U.S largest wireless service provider and is confident that it will not have any difficulties in handling the iPhone.

Verizon iPhone will be available by this February and will be offering unlimited data usage plans for the iPhone users. The Verizon iPhone is facing tough competition from AT&T service provider. Recently, AT&T reduced its plans for $50 and also in monthly bases for $15.

Ever since AT&T has launched its service in U.S and it is been struggling to overcome the defects of the network quality. According to sources, AT&T is in last place in providing network quality while verizon is top ranked. The Verizon is not clear that how long it can provide the unlimited data plans. May be after some time it would decide the price as per the usage of data. Verizon has good reputation for its network quality.

AT&T provides users with multi tasking features and Verizon is not featuring this option. Verizon offers the older model CDMA based iPhone in the market. According to the AT&T, the users will prefer their services for faster and better functionality.

An analyst says that Verizon will sale 9 to 12 million iPhones this year and also expecting in raising the overall sales of Apple to 5%.
Verizon iPhone

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