Apple iLife 11 Upgrade: iMovie and Garageband Updated

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Apple iLife 11 Upgrade: Apple has released the updates of iMovie and Garageband 11 on January 4, 2011. Finally, Apple has upgraded iLife 11 after updating iPhoto 11 for three times in recent months.

The minimum requirements for updating Garageband 11 are Garageband 6.0.1; 47.5 MB download speed and also Mac OS X 10.6.3 or higher is suggested to the users. The minimum requirements for iMovie 11 are iMovie 9.0.1; 27.52 MB download speed and Mac OS X 10.6.3 or higher is advised to users of iMovie 9.0.

Apple has released the updates of iLife 11 before the Mac App Store will be in existence. iLife 11 upgrade will be available at store at a price tag of $14.99 each.

iMovie Upgrades:

•    Improved overall stability
•    Fixes stabilization issue when working with videos made on iPhone and iPod Touch
•    Reliable with valid Facebook passwords containing non-alphanumeric numbers
•    Improved compatibility with cameras that record in multiple formats
•    Improved performance when scrolling through your Project Library

Garageband Upgrades:

•    Improved overall stability
•    Flex Time edits issue rectified
•    Changed latency that occurs on guitar tracks
•    Restores Quantize Note Timing menu for tracks with Groove Matching

Apple iLife 11 Upgrade

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