iPhone 4 Problems Cause Apple to Shell out $175 Million

Posted On Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 at 1:37 pm, filed under Latest News, Mobiles by James

iPhone 4 Problems Cause Apple to Shell out $175 Million: The iPhone 4 reception problem has been provided with a fix of free iPhone 4 bumpers by Apple. The free iPhone 4 bumpers deal is going to cost $175 million which is very less amount when compared to the iPhone 4 recall which was estimated to cost around $1.5 billion. The iPhone 4 bumpers that are provided by Apple are free of cost for all the iPhone 4 users.

If your iPhone 4 is facing the reception problem then you would get a free iPhone 4 bumper from Apple and if you have already purchased one, then Apple will give you a full refund for the bumper.

Order you free iPhone 4 bumper by choosing the color for the bumper. Stay tuned for more updates on iPhone 4 Problems and more.

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